Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Perfect Winter's Day

If you wanted to experience a "perfect winter's day" then it was definitely yesterday, February 3.  The bluest of blues, the whitest of whites and just enough chill in the air to add a little pink to your cheeks without your nose turning red.  Thank you to my good friend, MJ, for phoning me in the morning and telling me to stop whining about the winter and get my butt outside for a walk and a stern "don't forget your camera".  

I am very lucky to live right on one of the many beautiful trails in Aurora.  These trails go for miles from the north to the south to the east and west.  The Lakeview Link wanders at the back of some beautiful houses, that even in the winter you can barely see because of the lovely tree coverage that has been maintained.

The trees looked like they were covered in really yummy icing sugar.  

I was expecting to see lots more little squirrels and birds, but the amount of noise my feet were making crunching on the snow would have scared every living thing in the woods away.

The trees formed a snow canopy across some of the pathways, would have been lots of fun walking through here if it had been windy, but yesterday nothing was stirring.  The only time I knew there was a squirrel around was when they jumped onto a branch and knocked the snow off.

The sumac all had beautiful white top hats on.  
A picture is worth a 1000 words, so here are a few more pictures of my walk which normally takes me about 25 minutes, this day was more like an hour as I clicked away.  

As I write this post I gather another snow storm is on the way.  Not sure where we are going to put the snow.  Our banks are taller than me and I must say it isn't any fun backing my little mazda out.  Even our cats aren't happy, it's like living in a white, quiet tunnel.  We've had frost quakes, polar vortexes, record cold, record snow, ice, not sure what is next - hopefully spring.  But I must say this winter has been the most "mouth dropping" "awe inspiring" beautiful scenic winter I can remember since I used to have to walk up hill to school both ways in 10 feet of snow without snow pants (definitely showing my age with that comment).  It's going to start melting so take a break and enjoy just how beautiful this season and this country can be.

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