Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring is Coming, I can feel it

All right, I am probably getting too excited for February 19, but there I was sitting in my office, watching my world start dripping.  The roof is dripping, the road is turning into a river, ok maybe mushy, but it is starting and to top it off the SUN IS SHINING.  I just had to go for a walk.

No sorels for me today, just wearing my normal boots.  Big mistake, the sidewalks and trails are still slippy and everything is very wet.  Probably should have put on a pair of welly boots with those chains you see runners wearing on their running shoes.

Started off with the whole gambit, hat, scarf, mitts, coat, by the end everything was off.

Sidewalk, road, trail, definitely the easiest place to walk was the road.  My head was down the whole time on the sidewalks and the trail.

This little guy can't wait for spring.  

Walking along one part of the trail I was trying to keep my eyes open for the "coywolf" that is in the neighbourhood, when WOOF, I almost jumped out of my skin.  Thank goodness all he did was bark, I am pretty sure he could have jumped over the fence with no problem.  LOL

On my whole walk I couldn't find one sewer, they are all totally covered by snow, luckily I live on a hill so the water flows right down my street past my house.  It is going to be pretty mucky and puddly by the end of the week.

The eaves on this house are amazing, I can't believe they can support the weight that these icicles are making.  They should be gone by the weekend, let's hope the eaves survive.

I promise this is the last picture of the snowbank at my house I will take this year.  We added another 2 feet to it on Monday.  I figure that I couldn't use my knee as an excuse after missing most of the shovelling this year so thought I should help before it was all over.  I had to push the snow down the sidewalk in order to lift it up onto the garden.  We have had high banks before, but they have usually come and gone over the winter.  It has felt like these banks have been around since November.

My little Mazda has been hidden in a tunnel.  I can't wait to see how much of this is gone after the rain storm due on Thursday and Friday.  Stay dry!!!!!!!!!!!

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