Monday, March 10, 2014

Sheppard's Bush - the Maple Syrup is gone

Sunny and 7 degrees today and my camera was itching to take me for a walk.  Sheppard's Bush home to many a girl guide/brownie hike and some great maple syrup seemed like the place to go.  
It is located right smack in the middle of Aurora, although when we 1st moved here it was the eastern outskirts of the town.  From 1989 to 2000, our family spent nearly every Monday to Thursday there, along with what seemed like everyone we knew in Aurora.  The western side of the park is home to 13 soccer fields, from Mite to Standard.  There were times when all 3 kids were playing at different size fields.  So convenient when they were all there rather than having to race around town to drop them off and pick them up.  Those fields are still there, one even has lights and a grandstand (ok a small grandstand).  
Not sure what these are, looks like some crazy form of torture.  lol, along the pathways there are fitness exercises you can do as you enjoy your walk.  In the summer the pathways are full of runners I am sure trying out all of these.  Maybe next year O:)

Today there weren't any soccer players but surprisingly there were people walking the trails in the forest.  I had forgot it was March Break, so there were a number of kids and parents and people just taking a break from their busy day having a lovely walk through the 3 kms of trails.  

As I started along the trail I could smell a wood fire and right away I started picturing pancakes and maple syrup.  Usually the maple trees would have taps and buckets hanging from them, not today.  Every March the Aurora Lions Club used to do a pancake cookout in the park.  There was a fully functioning sugar bush and the building to cook it.  Unfortunately Sheppard's Bush doesn't operate their sugar bush anymore.    

This used to be bustling with lots of pancake eaters.  Now it can be booked for functions both private and public.  Lots of time spent here with the Guide program.
This is the building where the syrup was boiled.  

This is an old log home that was moved from Pefferlaw.

There were signs saying to watch for wildlife, the only animal that scurried across my path was the little black squirrel.

It is just as beautiful in the summer and the fall and totally different compared to today.  Here's some more information on beautiful Sheppard's Bush.  

If you do want to enjoy some local maple syrup then check out Scanlon Creek, it's still running their maple syrup demonstration during March Break, another beatiful area in York Region.    Click here for some information on Canada's Maple Syrup business.   

Beautiful Aurora - so many places to enjoy :)

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