Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring is in the air and the Farmer's Market in Aurora is hopping

What a great start to the Mother's Day Weekend. Yes I said weekend.  One day isn't enough to celebrate all the beautiful mom's in the world.  After all everyday is Father's Day, so surely we can steal a weekend :)))).  

A little Nine and Dine golf on Friday night with good friends.  A beautiful night for walking the course and the meal at Kings Riding was excellent.  Lindsey and I did a splitsy.  My favourite way to eat.  This way you get to try two meals.  A little cobb salad and a butternut squash ravioli.  A perfect combination.  Then much to my surprise Rachel decided to come home Friday night.  David is in London, England so we connected via social media and the telephone.  Andrew was off fishing for the weekend and Jim had a golf date so Rachel and I had Saturday all to ourselves.  

The day started sunny and warm, a quick cuppa "water and lemon" and off we went to the Aurora Farmers Market.  We headed straight over to Cookery Catering for an egg, brisket and hash brown breakfast.  Absolutely delish, it was a hard decision between that and the banana bread french toast. Picked up some of Andrew Evans and Matt Orr's wonderful beetroot and a bonus of ginger molasses cookies which Rachel and I wolfed down, we weren't sharing with the boys.   

There were lots of families out checking everything out.  Lots of choices for food - pea meal on a bun, Mexican tortillas - etc, baking, and fresh veges just starting to come in.

Rachel picked up a couple jars of jerk chicken sauce.  She made it for Jay last night and said it was amazing, looks like I will have to make a trip over to get some.  

Coffee freshly roasted up in Georgina at the Green River Coffee Company.  I picked Jim up a pound, can't wait to try it.  

Hurst Bakery had a stand, needless to say it was very busy and smelled wonderful.

It was a little blustery, not sure how he was able to walk never mind juggle.  The kids followed him around like the Pied Piper :))

The stalls were so colourful, candy, knick knacks, fresh soup and how could we resist the Girl Guide Cookies.  2 boxes please.  

Picked up a few more things and then headed over to the garden centre to pick up some flowers to take over to my parents and brothers gravesite in Mississauga.  The day just kept getting more beautiful, somehow we ended up on the deck having a glass of wine before our trip to the Bluberi Beauty Lounge to pamper our fingers and toes.

Just a wonderful relaxing day.  Thank you Rachel for sharing it with me.  xo


  1. Thank you, Lynne...You have made me appreciate my little town even more...I will certainly be heading to the market this weekend...Marylou Miner...(friend of the famous MaryJo...)

    1. Welcome to Aurora Marylou, the friendliest little/big town in Ontario. As you can see our family loves it here. What a bonus for you being visited by the best Welcome Wagon Lady ever to knock on doors , my best (famous) friend MaryJo.