Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Walk to Willow Farm Pond

There are times when as a Canadian I am thankful for the harsh winters we have.  I know you are thinking I am crazy (my kids would agree with that assessment).  The weather this week to anyone who lives south of New York would just be OK.  But to me the only word that can apply to this week is GLORIOUS.  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  You truthfully want to stretch your arms out and twirl and say WOW.

It's not just me who feels like this, everyone I met on my walk was chatty and smiling and just all around "happier" than they were in March :).  

My goal this summer is to walk 5,000 steps every day and 10,000 steps - 3 times a week.  I am up to 78,000+ steps in 19 days, not quite up to my goal, but getting there.  Thank goodness the golf courses have opened, Jim and I will be starting our 7 to 9 hole after dinner jaunt over to the course.  As the days get longer and warmer it is a beautiful time to walk the course.

One of my favourite Aurora walks is down to the Willow Farm Pond.  It's down hill all the way there, which means I am doing a ton of huffing and puffing on the way back, so a great workout overall.  My other challenge this year is to leave my earphones at home and just enjoy the walk without all the clutter.  I realized the other day when I walked for 30 minutes and my song was stuck on repeat and I didn't even notice that maybe I wasn't listening very well.  

Spring is the true season of rebirth, the number of birds chirping and swooping through the woods was amazing.  Down at the ponds the ducks and geese were starting to nest.  Won't be long until we have baby birds swimming in the pond.  

On my way back I noticed this beautiful tree full of pine cones and not a needle on it.  Hopefully it will come back to it's glory days.

 I have bird pictures all through my house, bright red cardinals, the lovely blue jay, swans flying and I realized I had never taken a picture of a robin.  The harbinger of spring, is there anything better than seeing the red red robin back on our streets as the snow starts to melt.  It is always a part of our conversation as a Canadaian "I saw a Robin today".  Old man winter is on his last breath.  LOL

I feel blessed every day to live in this wonderful country and this wonderful town of Aurora with their marvelous trails.  Hopefully it will make attaining my goal easier :).  Time to put words into action, walk time.  

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